(turning in my two weeks notice tomorrow its official)

(and also as soon as my last day is over im dying my hair pink or purple or teal i havent decided yet but literally as soon as i get home im gonna throw bleach on my hair and get started its happening friends we are doing this)

Anonymous: Eep! I hope you're alright! I also pray that your jaw won't unhinge! Get better soon ^_^ -R

ah thank you, pal! ; u ; it’s usually not this bad and all i have to do is deal with it clicking a lot, but today it’s being extra lame. thanks again for your concern!!

so i have a messed up jaw right (car accident, don’t worry about it lol) and it clicks all the time whenever i chew etc and sometimes it locks up or w/e

well i woke up today and i can’t open it much at all and it kinda feels like…. there is pressure or something on the joint that moves ur jaw ya know ??

one of my biggest fears is having my jaw unhinge bc it happened to my brother three times and it looks so painful and gross UGH PLS DONT UNHINGE OK



HAIKYUU! CHAPTER 28: The Oni and Kanabo

what if as an early bday present to myself i bought an $80 figure


映画みながら描いてたから書き込みがすごくなったけど見栄えはしないふしぎ! 天国って文字の形が昔からなんか怖い