"the deftest potato peeler" lon’qu wtf marry me

my current obsession.. . …
i wanna marry him even tho my mc is a boy (´w `ʃƪ);;; ; ; ;;
he’s bffs w/ vaike btw i live for their convos

fire emblem relationships are gonna END ME

themilkbeard said: nuh uh! u get so mad when I ask you to repeat stuff!!

thanks honEY but yeah thats bc it’s you but when its some stranger on the phone yelling at me about how lazy our government is and that no one knows what they are doing then barks at me to SPEAK UP, THAT’S when i want to cry and get mad at the same time lmao

ah yes nameless oc #284726274836

also i mumble a lot and speak very quietly so please dont get angry with me just ask me to speak up and i will bc i usually dont realize im being so quiet but please dont bark at me to repeat myself there is a 100000% chance i will burst into tears

ohhhhh yeah 5 hours was not enough sleep i need at least like…. 17


in an effort to be more inclusive of different bodies I suggest we stop considering “real sex” to be penetrative sex and start considering it to be the moment the fursuit is introduced

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